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 VOLUNTEERING in the local Community is all about being a part of something greater than yourself...​


Joining Animal Shelters, Volunteers  and Wayde’s World Hawaii’s...HIKES FOR HOMES

The Oahu SPCA, The Hawaiian Humane Society, Hiking Oahu With Dogs and Wayde’s World Hawaii’s "Hikes for Homes" is a joint campaign to provide a fun and healthy environment where shelter dogs can meet and mingle with the public. We get the dogs out of the shelter and onto the trails in the hope of them being adopted by those attending the hikes or even by those we come across on the trail. We give those interested in adoption a hands on experience to see how these dogs react in the outdoors and with their families, children and even other dogs before they choose to adopt them or not. This is also a great way for the shelter dogs to continue their rehabilitation back into society and into a new family home. With this heightened exposure individuals and families continue to be moved to adopt the sheltered dogs, saving a life and giving them a forever home.

Hiking day is usually the last Saturday on a quarterly basis, the core volunteers meet at the shelter and along with the consultation of staff select from 10-15 dogs for the hike. They accompany the dogs as their handlers and monitor their behavior throughout the activity.  We has been able to broaden our Hiking trails to a variety of new hikes with Wayde’s World Hawaii and his guides. This allows a fun and safe environment for hiking groups of up to 100 adults, children and animals. The Oahu SPCA now expands their hikes beyond Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail to such hikes as Mariners Ridge, Aiea loop trail, The Old Pali Road, Moanalua Valley and others trails suited for Dogs and families. Wayde’s large following and core base has allowed Hikes for Homes to grow over the years and become a quarterly family event for everyone to enjoy.

Love the company of dogs, friendly people, and the outdoors? Please come out with your family and your own dogs to support sheltered animals on Oahu. If you are interested in “Hikes for Homes” you can join the “WAYDES WORLD HAWAII or our NEW "HIKES FOR HOMES” Facebook page to get "Hikes for HomesEVENT NOTICES and Join the Oahu SPCA & Humane Society.



Lets take a Journey with our friend, SAM GON about Hawai'i

Dr. Sam Ohu Gon III  is a conservation biologist and a practitioner traditionally trained in the school of Hawaiian chant Nā Waʻa Lālani Kāhuna o Puʻu Koholā. He has long sought and attended to the whispered ancient voices on the winds and upon the forested ridges of the Hawaiian archipelago. He has climbed the piko of all the islands and have called upon the strength of the akua from the pō of Hawaiʻi. They confer him to the presence of Wākea, and in return he offer them his prayers and offerings, his proper duty to them. The kinolau of the kini akua are manifest in the thousands of native plants and animals of land and sea, therefore his defense of them must supersede any selfish human priorities.


"We are the youngest in the chain of creation, therefore our responsibility is to care for the elders. "


HELP US PROTECT HAWAII... before it's too late.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful, captivating and isolated chain of islands on earth. Born of ancient volcanoes, burning lava is still molding this Pacific paradise. This unique region is a playground for the rich and famous, and is visited by nearly eight million tourists every year.  But one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world is paying a high price for its popularity. Just below the Archipelago's beautiful surface lies a tragic fact, that many of Hawaii's unique plants and animals are under threat from habitat destruction, over development, pollution and perhaps worst of all, Humans. Today, with so many native species struggling for survival, this paradise has become known as the "Endangered Species Capital of the World."

​It’s all about sustaining the Hawaiian islands and teaching our youth and travelers the values of our ancestors and island way.

Change isn't easy, it takes passion, determination and a strong sense of desire to bring upon positive change in Hawaii.

EDUCATION, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNITY, CULTURE, ISLAND VALUES, WELL-BEING, NATURE, THE ENVIRONMENT and the ALOHA SPIRIT is the change we need and our intent is to bring a HEIGHTENED sense of URGENCY to our youth in our school systems through MENTORING and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING as well as TEACHING and EDUCATING our travelers about the history and sustainability of Hawaii.

THESE ARE OUR FUTURE GOALS and PROJECTS that will reflect through our Consulting Network "FROM MAUKA TO MAKAI with the help of our Nonprofits: 808 CLEANUPS, ALOHA KE KAI and VOLUNTEER HIKER CORPS and other task forces as we move forward into the local community and Tourism industry.  



These islands are blessed with a Kanaka Maoli tradition and heritage that make our state uniquely special in the world. We must educate and integrate the values and principles of the traditional Kanaka Maoli concept of the ahupua‘a resource and behavioral management system as a philosophical basis for a sustainable Hawai‘i. The values of the ahupua‘a system ensure that people respect the air, land, water and other scarce natural resources that make life sustainable from Mauka to Makai.

     Community Outreach              Educating Sustainability                                         

     Nature & the Environment              Responsibility & Respect                              Culture, Well-Being, Island Values & The Aloha Spirit

Wayde's World Hawaii is much more than just a social Media Tour company...WE ARE ALL ABOUT a SUSTAINABLE HAWAII built on the foundation and history of the Kanaka Maoli way ( Native Hawaiian Culture )

If we are not doing our SMALL Eco, Historic and Educational Tours we are cleaning and restoring Hawaii with our NON PROFIT OrganizationIt's NEVER been about making PROFIT off the's about giving BACK to the Aina and teaching and educating the local public as well as the Guests and Vistors about why we need to PROTECT HAWAII and ensure the Future Sustainability of it.

We have joined Forces with the "LIVABLE HAWAII KAI HUI" to take care of the Aina, restore it as well as the Heiau and wetlands in the area and educate the community about Maunalua's natural and cultural resourses through land-based engagement and managment. Educating the Kama'aina and the visitors to Hawaii is ESSENTIAL in Preserveing this areas for future generations to learn from and enjoy.



Wayde's World Hawaii & Friends...

have joined up with MALAMA NA HONU in protecting the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles of Laniakea Beach located on the North Shore of Oahu. There is an on-going problem with TOO MANY TOUR BUS COMPANIES DROPPING PEOPLE OFF and not going with them to the beach and educating them on the Laws about our endangered Honu, Monk Seals and local Bird life...Myself and Guide Agnes Salazar have continued to do all we can to protect them and get the word out.  I have spoken with my Guide crew and friends on contributing and helping the MALAMA NA HONU with their Volunteer program at Laniakea as well as branching out to several other beaches on the North Shore as summer brings large numbers of Honu onto several shorelines there. We'll put some days every month aside to patrol the North Shore with our Crew...We'll be on the North Shore BEACHES starting this year as this is a personal battle for me as my Aumakua is the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle, the Honu...For the Honu is my Protector and so I am to the Honu...


The HIDDEN TRUTH behind the KAPU and Deep connection to our AUMAKUA

Some of those with Hawaiian Bloodline have lost their ways and blame others. Blame has always been the first sign of WEAKNESS in our history, but Hawaiians at the core ARE NOT WEAK, so BLAMING OTHERS for what has happend MUST STOP AND SOLUTIONS BEGIN! Some have forgotting their History, but one CAN NOT choose to rewrite it and make things up as they go...From someone who has choosen to live pono here in Hawai'i Nei and study the Culture of the Kanaka Maoli, the History of the past CAN NOT be CHANGED nor REWRITTEN!!! The KAPU SYSTEM on our Sacred Aumakua (the Honu, which is my Aumakua) was clear about who could and who couldn't take it's life force. There had been strict rules and laws and to break the KAPU SYSTEM would be punishable by death. IT'S FACT, IT'S HAWAIIAN HISTORY, YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT.


The REMOVAL of the KAPU and the DEATH of a KINGDOM

For us to UNDERSTAND the Ways of Old as stated above we must understand what happend to the KAPU SYSTEM that held the HAWAIIAN BLOODLINE together for between 1,500-2,000 years. What BROKE the KAPU SYSTEM (Prohibition/Restrictions) of LAWS and why?


The KAPU and CASTE System was made up as follows:

The ALI'I (Ruling Chiefs) The KAHUNA (Priests/Judges/Doctors)

The MAKAAINANA (Commoners) and The KAUWA (Outcasts/Slaves)


Before Outsiders (Haole) came to Hawai'i Nei the KAPU (Spiritual Mana) and CASTE system was the LAW OF THE LAND, Yes, perhaps oppressive at times, these system of laws DID however hold the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE and their CULTURE TOGETHER and KEEP THEM STRONG AS ONE PEOPLE! Could they have created an advanced alternative Kapu system that would have held all it's people on equal ground , YES and the GREAT KING KAMEHAMEHA WAS CONTEMPLATING IT, but passed away before he could implicate one. The Hawaiian people just didn't have the leadership or a capable King to do so and that is what fractured the Kanaka Maoli in the end, even the last King Kalakaua could not save the old ways.


So what began the Break down of the Kapu and Caste System?


FIRST: CAPTAIN JAMES COOK and the arrival of the Haole Foreigner began the drastic change of the old times. The introduction to IRON created a shift from a system based on subsistence to one based on trade between foreigners and natives. This created a desire and want never known to Hawaiians before...GREED! Everyone was out for themselves and not for each other as the KAPU SYSTEM taught. 


SECOND: The introduction of foreign Disease was DEVASTATING to a Native People who had NO IMMUNITY to many common ailments outside of Hawaii. The people turned to their KAHUNA (Priest/Doctor) to save them, but the Kahuna was HELPLESS and so the Kahunas status and influence in the KAPU SYSTEM rendered them useless and impotent, breaking down the peoples belief in the Kapu.


THIRD: The arrival of the CHRISTAIN MISSIONARIES. The Christian invasion had a huge impact on the Hawaiian people and so began the programming of religious practices from the old way of the KAPU to the new way of church and the one God belief system of original sin. The missionaries then through the church began to run the finance and economics while dominating the education and business side of the culture of Hawaii as well. Sadly this system of beliefs that many Hawaiians stand by today is what betrayed them and thier people to lose their Kingdom. 


​FOURTH: The revolutionary turnover of the KAPU SYSTEM which produced the upheaval of the system of living pono with the people and the land. Doing so DOOMED the ancient ways and the Kingdom of Hawaii and it's people. The Hawaiians could not deal with such change so quickly and with no true satisfactory substitution for the Kapu system many turned to the Haole ways. Still confused to this day many Hawaiians are still struggling to find and cope with cultural conflicts while attempting to discover their ties to the past.


FIFTH: The OVERTHROW OF THE HAWAIIAN MONARCHY by the Haole Christian Missionaries. *We discuss this below with the Story of our last GREAT KING...DAVID KALAKAUA.


SIXTH: The DEATH of the HAWIIAN PEOPLE. With the loss of identity, loss of presige and cultural confusion the Hawaiians has no will to live and began to die at an alarming rate. DISEASE ALONE COULD NOT EXPLAIN SUCH DIE OFFS.  In these final days of the old Hawaii there is the most famous of quotes: "Na kanaka 'oku'u wale aku no i kau 'uhane"..."The people dismissed freely their souls and died." 


*In the end the KAPU had GREAT BENEFITS...Roles had been laid out between the Gods, the Ali'i, the Hawaiian people and Nature. Everyone knew what part they would play. The Kapu defined them and their purpose as a community and Ohana. There were periods of environmental control, providing balance between the people and the aina and maintaining a subsistence economy. Working in perfect harmony with the Gods, the Ali'i, the land and the people allowed the culture to remain fully intacted for well over 1,500 years. In many ways these habits and sacred ways of living pono was in essence the perfection of Hawaiian Culture.






The FLAG of the KANAKA MAOLI ( The Hawaiian Bloodline)


Who flies the FLAG of the KANAKA MAOLI, what does it stand for and what is the difference between the Hawaiian American flag and the Kanaka Maoli flag? 


Who flies the KANAKA MAOLI FLAG:

Not only the native Hawaiians, the kānaka maoli, but also those who believe in their cause and support their struggle. And these supporters are all over the world, because the case of the illegal occupation of Hawai‘i by the United States is getting more and more attention worldwide. 


What does the KANAKA MAOLI FLAG stand for:

The “flag of the native Hawaiians’ power” (also known as the “kānaka maoli flag” or “Hawaiian solidarity flag”) symbolizing the determination to regain Hawaiian independence, retain Hawaiian sovereignty and maintain Hawaiian solidarity with each other and others who support the cause of the Kanaka Maoli blood or not. 


What is the difference between the KANAKA MAOLI FLAG and the current American Hawaiian flag:

Flying only the official Hawaiian flag is pono (proper, good), but unfortunately it will hardly distinguish you from the occupiers who also fly the same flag. They fly it even on prison camps and prison buildings that hold a large number of kānaka maoli. But they will never fly the kānaka maoli flag, because they know its mana (power)







             KING KALAKAUA

King David Kalakaua was the LAST GREAT KING of Hawaii and the only one who truly saw and understood the loss of the Hawaiian way by the corruption of the Haole Missionaries and Belief systems that fractured the Hawaiian people. Kalakaua was well educated and saw the demise of the Hawaiian culture and the changes first hand of the possible future of his people. Kalakaua created a Political group called THE YOUNG HAWAIIANS the groups motto "Hawaii for the Hawaiians". Before becoming KING, Kalakaua's intentions had been clear in his own words: " O my people! My countrymen of old, Arise, this is the voice! Ho, all ye tribes, Ho my own ancient people! The people who took hold and built up the Kingdom of Kamehameha, arise! This is the voice. Let me direct you my people, do nothing to the contrary to the law or against the peace of the Kingdom. Do not be led by the foreigners; they had no hardhsips in gaining our lands...Do not be led by their false teachings."


At the time of Kalakaua, foreigners dominated the Hawaiian government. Kalakaua promised to put native Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) back into the Kingdom's government. He also promised to amend the Kingdom's constitution. The Hoale Missionaries OPPOSED Kalakaua and his intentions, but they could not stop him in the end from becoming KING of the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM even after turning his own people against him, but the Christians had even deeper and darker plans to take Hawaii for themselves. During the early part of Kalakaua's reign, the king made full use of his power to appoint and dismiss Haole cabinets. King Kalakaua believed in the hereditary right of the Aliʻi to rule as it was in the days of old. Kalakaua continually appointed Kanaka Maoli to run his affairs. This drew criticism from people of the "Missionary Party" who wanted to reform Hawaiian to their liking, but Kalakaua moved forward...Under his Kingship Kalakaua built ʻIolani Palace, the only royal palace that exists on American soil today and he also decided to erect the Kamehameha Statue in recognition of Kamehameha I, the first king of the whole Hawaiian Islands. During his reign, hula was revived as well as the Hawaiian martial art, Lua, and surfing...which all 3 had been outlawed as SINFUL by the Christians. King Kalakaua also supported the newly-introduced ukulele by the Portuguese as a Hawaiian instrument which become symbolic with Hawaii and its culture. King Kalakaua is said to have wanted to build a Polynesian Empire and in 1886 had been hell bent on the legislature granting him enough money to form a Polynesian confederation. Yes, he got his kingdom in debt with his intentions as well as him traveling the world to understand the new age, but he put his people, the Kanaka Maoli, first and with his plan in motion, debt and money perhaps wouldn't have mattered...KALAKAUA'S INTENTIONS HAD STARTED BECOMING CLEAR NOW and this was a problem...he was preparing for something big and the Haole Missionary Hawaiian Leage of 13 KNEW IT! The Missionary party had grown very frustrated with Kalakaua and they wanted to force King Kalakaua to abdicate and put his sister Liliʻuokalani onto the throne, while others wanted to end the monarchy altogether and annex the islands to the United States. With the MISSIONARY LEAGE OF 13 ( THE ANNEXATION CLUB) they rallied a take over and armed with guns assembled together upon the King and forced him at gun point to sign the new constitution relinguishing his power as KING! This new constitution, nicknamed the Bayonet Constitution of 1887, removed much of the King's executive power and deprived most native Hawaiians of their voting rights. 75% of ethnic Hawaiians could not vote at all and it was DEVASTATING for the KING...Before King Kalakaua died, his last dying words had been haunting: "Tell my people I tried, I tried to restore our Gods, our way of life and retake our Kingdom." Once Kalakaua passed away Queen Liliʻuokalani took rule, she as well made a last ditch effort to take back the Kingdom of Hawaii from the Haole, but lost to the conspirators who clearly stated their final goals: Depose the queen, Overthrow the monarchy, and Seek Hawaii's annexation to the United States. This was the last of the Hawaiian monarch and the END of the KINGDOM OF HAWAII

It's clear these Laws of old have been forgotten and disregarded...For our Iwi Kapuna, it's a sad day. How can those left of Hawaiian bloodline forget their system of KAPU, it's what held them together for over 1,000 years.  Too many have lost and forgotten where they came from...They care little about their past unless they can use it to their advantage today, but they can not hijack ones Native History even if that's exactly what happened when a high price was put on Turtle Meat back in the day. Hawaiian commoners with the help of Micronesians took of the sacred Aumakua up till the 60's and slaughtered them without rightousness. The Hawaiians knew full well there had been only a few of the remaining families of Royalty left (Kamehameha & Kalakaua) more than likely this removes many of those who remain from taking or even hunting a Honu as less than 3 thousand pure blood Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) even exist today and even less are of Royalty or Ali'i status. Where is the knowledge of the Proper Kapu code of conduct, it's history and consequences of breaking it, where is the knowledge of the Honu Clan and the History of our Kapunas who spoke the MOST HIGH of the Honu and other ohana Aumakuas and what they represented...If the Honu was their Aumakua even Royalty would NOT take of the Honu. History is clear, if you break the kapu it would be a threat to spiritual power, or theft of mana...that's exactly why "Kapus" were strictly enforced, not only on Aumakuas, but all things to create a PERFECT BALANCE between the Land, the Ocean, the Sky and it's people. You can't hold onto some old beliefs and forget about others as you pick and choose what fits one day and what doesn't's all or nothing, always or never. If you believe in MANA, you believe in KAPU, they are ONE BREATH for Kapu IS the balance between the Kanaka Maoli and the Aina! Not having these systems of KAPU in place was the EXACT reason why the Sacred Aumakua was hunted and slaughtered almost to EXTINTION between the 40-60's...It's because the Hawaiians BROKE LAW and indulged in the sin of the breaking of sacred KAPU by GREED with the selling of Turtle flesh and they did not manage the Mircronesians from slaughtering them either! This is why the Haole needed to enforce a NEW LAW FOR THE REMAINING HAWAIIANS, because common Hawaiians (MAKAAINANA) didn't know WHEN TO STOP KILLING THEM or hold others accountable for killing them, they took and took and took until only a few hundred of our sacred Aumakua were left! HISTORY IS CLEAR for it is told in the Mele...Breaking kapu, even unintentionally, was met with immediate death. No women could even eat or take of the Honu even Royalty, for if they did, death would follow...These systems, clans and elders pre-date the TAKE OVER by the Haole Missionaries, and the SELLING of a belief system that would weaken and fracture the Hawaiian People forever...In the end the Belief systems many Hawaiians turned to is the Belief System of the Haole and that system betrayed the Hawaiian people in which the Haole Missionaries had been able to steal Hawaiian land enabeling them the ability to begin the takeover of Hawaii with the Annexation of Hawai'i Nei. A true betrayal to the Kingdoms Great King, Kamehameha I, who fought and died for his people under the Kapu System and was even willing to change it so that all would be treated fairly under it, but the Great King passed away. That's what weakened the Hawaiians reslove, the break-up of their belief systems and code of law which held them together for over 1,500 years...THEY BECAME FRACTURED! With no system to follow after the Great Kings DEATH, his wife and his son, Kamehameha II began to break up the Kapu System as the Hawaiian people looked for clearity, but found none. The Missionaries saw their oppurtunity in this time of weakness to indulge the Hawaiian people in their own system of beliefs and take control, permanently helping in the FINAL removal of the KAPU system while at the same time removing the code of sustainability and enacting a bartering system for the first time that Hawaiians had NO UNDERSTANDING of...A system of Greed. If the Great Hawaiian King Kamehameha I stood before Hawaiians who have lost their way today what excuse would they give their KING now for following the religious law of the Haole and taking of these Hawaiian Sacred Beings that only very few Royalty and Ali'i could take? Would they come up with excuses or cast blame on others in front of their King? The HONU ( Hawaiians Green Sea Turtle ) is a HIGHLY INTRICATE PART of the ECO SYSTEM...this is FACT, this is SCIENCE...The ESSENTIAL RIGHTEOUSNESS of the HAWAIIAN GREEN SEA TURTLES PURPOSE is PRESERVING and PROTECTING, by KEEPING OUR REEFS HEALTHY with their Sacred PRESENCE in our Hawaiian Waters. You can't argue this, it's FACT, Scientific fact. All our Aumakuas, the Honu, the Mano, as well as others are rooted deep in Hawaiian Culture as well as their connection to the Reef systems of Hawaii and its people for the DEFINITION of an AUMAKUA STATES: ( A family God and Ancestor, an Omen of the past. A sacred being of great power who intervenes to save and protects it's descendants from harm. To HARM a manifested Aumakua is of EXTREME BAD LUCK and met with very ill consequences. If ones Families Aumakua these manifestations of these sacred spirits were never harmed or touched. The Aumakua are intimate members of the human ohana, spiritual relationships are build and bonded, their presence is sought at feast festivity as well as when needed in crisis for protection. The Aumakua acts as a HEALER, ADVISER and PROTECTOR ) WE WANT ALL TO LIVE BY FACTS, NOT MAKE THEM UP AND CHANGE THEM...Taking of the Honu and hunting it was NOT a part of The Hawaiians Historical Culture, no more than Hunting Pig was...HAWAIIAN HISTORY DIDN'T START 100 YEARS OR SO AGO when the Commoner took and slaughtered them almost to extinction up till the late 1960's. If the United States didn't stop the commoners they would have killed them all and inturn the Hawaiian Reef would be dead today along with the fish and our surf breaks...There are many reasons why the Oceans are sick, why we are having the Limu problem we have, the overgrowth from Waste Water...The Honu is ESSENTIAL, but even more so now to keep up with our own destruction of the Land and Water by tending to the Limu before they destroy the Reef and suffocate it. It's sad to see the lack of education, facts and understanding of the scientific ecology of the ocean and how and why these beings exists to do exactly what they are intended to do in this world...Facts don't lie...It's the Over Fishing, Run off, Dredging, Sediment & soil Erosion, Over-Fertilization, Excessive high ocean Temperatures (global warming) Toxic Waste Water and sewage from GMO's by MONSANTO, DEPONT and SYNGENTA that is the cause of the REEFS DESTRUCTION...Mind you these are all Chemical companies that have land given to them by Kamehameha schools, a HAWAIIAN TRUST. Hawaiians & Haole beytraying Hawaiians, once again for greed...Myself and others are fighting against these people, trying to get Hawaiian land back into TRUE Hawaiian Hands...What about QUEEN EMMA LAND TRUST, selling Hawaiian land to Japanese billionaires who are destroying more Hawaiian land with BIG BUSINESS, selling out the Hawaiian people once again...What of Turtle Bay Resort preparing to Destroy our sacred Kawela Bay and iwi Kapuna who are buried there with major expansion...I have chosen to state these items because this FIGHT is WAY BEYOND the PROTECTION of the HONU...but we must start somewhere and with a strong foundation based on education, knowledge and history and without Hypocrisy...THAT WAY WE KNOW THE TRUTH and where to LAUNCH from to make POSITIVE CHANGE in the lives of the remaining Kanaka Maoli as well as the Kama'aina that truly love these lands...*Please, to the remaining bloodline of Hawai'i Nei as well as foreigners who visit these islands...Respect the culture, learn it's true history and remember the ways of old and the laws and systems that held HAWAII strong for so long, for it has been forgotten...Get engaged, get involved do not let ignorance and hypocrisy today be the end of this GREAT culture. What remains MUST be preserved if we wish to have what's left of a dying culture be respected and accepted so that Hawaiian ways will be sustainable for future generations.





Many will come to Hawaii only seeking a vacation, leaving with ignorance...Others will seek knowledge, understanding, while giving respect to the ways of the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) people. It's your Kuleana (Responsibility) to do this so that when you leave Hawai'i Nei, you leave with the true aloha and mana (spirit) of the old ancient ways....Embrace TRUTH!

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