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 We live by karma and that you reap what you sow. We have always made every effort to be an example for others when it comes to being custodians of the Earth. We play the role of humans who treats not only other people humanly through love, friendship and understanding, but the lands, waters, air and most importantly the beings that walk beside us. We look upon such life with amazement, and compassion that no matter how great or how small a living being may be it has just as much a purpose and right to live in harmony with the Earth as we do. 

Respect the Earth and the beings that live on it and the Earth will respect you.

Live Pono~ Wayde Fishman




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Henry Aguilar aka JHAmes808 is a self-taught and freelance photographer. What started as a hobby grew into passion. Landscape and macro photography became his stepping stone into broadening his knowledge to other areas of photography. To date, his greatest achievement is his photograph of "Kaneohe Bay Sunrise" which was hailed as the grand prize winner of Hawaii Magazine's 13th Annual Photo Contest and was published in their February 2012 issue. Henry's work of art were also showcased in various photo exhibits. One of the most recognizable was being selected to be a part of RAW Artist Honolulu's very first event in Hawaii and The "Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2012" photo exhibit by Pacific New Media. And just recently, Henry won the Maui Divers Jewelry Holiday Pictures from Paradise photo contest.


Edison's work is calm, romantic, bleak and dreamy. His images are much influenced by the location of the shoot. He allow it to define a natural relationship with nature, simple things and models, and from there guides the setting till it fulfills his expectation. Edison likes to experiment with colors, tones and structures. Edison is new to photography. He just started last June of 2011. It's a big challenge to him to learn more and explore the world of photography. As what Ansel Adams said. “You Don't Take Photograph, You Make It.”

Perfect Wave Photography

Lonnie is a self-taught, freelance photographer that loves the outdoors and landscapes of Hawaii. Lonnie was military raised and lived on Kauai till he was 8 years of age and moved and lived in many parts of the world since his return to Hawaii 3 years ago. Being military raised, travel enabled Lonnie the chance to take pictures of all the places he had been. Lonnie doesn't like to be put in a category of the pictures he takes, he simply likes taking pictures of life's experiences through his own and others eyes.  His work is sometimes fantasy even dreamy at times, but mostly thought provoking. He's now become involved in filming life's moments as a Tour Photographer, filming the action as it happens, making and giving memories to visitors that they just couldn't capture on their own while on Tour with Wayde's World Hawaii. 




We all have them in our lives...they are soul friends, family  and lovers. These are the soulmates & soulconnectors from past lives, souls that have followed you life after life...making sure you learn your lessons and grow from them in the ways that had been intended for you before you cross over for the final time. They can be in your life during all your lifetimes or they can be in your life for just several months of one.  As long as they are here to help and guide you in the right direction toward your souls dreams...


​~You all know who you are, names are not needed...Mahalo Nui Loa for being there for me when I needed you and keeping me on my Souls Path...In the end for all of us it's always been about being a part of something greater than yourself...


~To my personal Ohana

To my makua who made me, supported, encouraged and loved me every breath of their life...To my kaikaina who has had my back and believed in me every step of the way...To my kupunawahine for her comforting and loving nature...To my kupunakane who inspired me to reach for the stars and to never settle...All of you give me strength everyday to never give up and never back down from a challenge. You all define me and you all are loved so very much. Aloha Nui Loa...


Always, Wayde


Special thanks to our Website, Travel Agencies, Tour Photographers and Film Crews.

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