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WAYDE "THE POOR MAN" FISHMAN, known by his Crew as simply "BOSS" is the OWNER & MASTER GUIDE of WWH and Sweeper of the Poor Man Volunteer Hiking Crew​. He has recruited some of the best local Hiking Guides in the Hawaiian Islands. This shaved headed, goatee wearing, tattoo covered, former MMA Practitioner from Boston moved to Hawaii 23 years ago to make his dreams come true and show others how to Vacation or move to Hawaii on a Poor Man's budget…Now he runs several Jeep tour businesses, a nonprofit, a podcast and does off grid consulting. Coming from a small suburb outside of Boston, Wayde has learned that the places you discover, the people you help along the way, and the experiences you live through on your life journey matters more than how much money you make or how many things you have. Wayde left the hard edge lifestyle of Boston behind and changed to one of Aloha in Hawaii. He bases his life now on a spiritual journey, sharing the Spirit of Aloha with everyone he meets. He is passionate about making sure everyone and anyone should be able to enjoy Hawaii to the fullest, regardless of what budget they have. Wayde assembled a trusted group of enigmatic guides, but it was a huge undertaking and challenge which Wayde persevered using his force driven ethics. Wayde's Guides all have their own lives and jobs, but like any super-hero movie, Wayde can assemble them together at any time using their special talents to help him on an unforgettable experience of the islands...Wayde's Crew not only Trailblaze Oahu, but seek adventure on other islands, discovering new places and learning new things about themselves as they challenge each other to go above and beyond their personal limits.



JEN LEE HALEY, known as "SUNSHINE” loves the outdoors and a good tan! Born and raised outside of Boston, she had a dream to move to Hawaii for the mere fact that she just plain hated the frigid cold and had a fascination for blue, pristine waters and the tropics. This dream was fulfilled several years ago and her passion for excitement led her to a drastic move in careers now cutting coconut trees for a living and joining Wayde as part of a two-man Trail Clearing Crew. Jen is also a hair stylist part-time and has been practicing for ten years. She met Wayde in Boston years ago through mutual friends. They share the same common interests of playing practical jokes, enjoying a cold Kona Brew, and expressing their Bostonian sarcasm.  This free-spirited guide is always looking for her next adventure!


SCOTTY "RASTA" OK ​is 100% Korean, and the first in his family born in the United States in Portland, Oregon. Raised in Washington State, his childhood consisted of exploring the outdoors, building forts, playing in fields and creeks, and catching snakes, salamanders, fish, and crawdads. Scotty has lived on Oahu for the last 11 years and works for the State of Hawaii. He also works part-time at a yoga studio. He has a very responsible and professional work ethic with a laid back style. What brought Scotty to Hawaii was the sunshine. It's as simple as that! He realized while backpacking through Central America for 3 months in 1999, the sun gave him the positive energy he sought and kept him happy. He decided to move to Hawaii after that trip. Scotty's dream is to work in film; directing, writing, or acting. He also hopes to one day be in a position financially to help others. Scotty met Wayde through hiking friends and joined Wayde as a Trail Clearer in Wayde's Hiking Crew. Wayde and Scotty share a deep passion for not only the outdoors, but for NFL football as well. They enjoy the chance to watch Sunday Football together competing ego to ego with their team pride. As their friendship grew with each hike, adventure, and football season, Scotty can say he views Wayde as a great person and inspirational friend.


EVELYN LOQUITA, well known as "EVE" was born in El Salvador and moved to Hawaii several years ago. Eve loves the outdoors and hiking, but her passion is diving. She teams up with Wayde on his Snorkeling Adventure for the physically and mentally challenged. She believes in working hard and playing harder... At times, her practical jokes and free spirit can get her in trouble, even with Wayde. However, Eve is the definition of Aloha, always ready with her fun loving personality and infectious smiles and hugs for everyone. You can count on her for a great potluck dish too as she loves to share and enjoy a good meal with friends. Eve met Wayde during a group Hike and they have been buddies pushing each other’s buttons ever since! Eve hopes down the road that she'll be able to work in the diving field and travel the world enjoying her passion of Diving with Sharks. This fearless gal is always ready for an adventure!


DAVID "KAWIKA" CONCEPCION, also known as "DC", is Wayde's Aerial Trail Surveyor and Wing Man in the Poor Man Hiking Crew. DC was born in Detroit, Michigan, but returned to his Hawaiian and Filipino roots in 2008. DC is an extreme Hiker and has done many of the most dangerous trails in Hawaii. Although he lives on the edge, DC is extremely down to earth and very easy to strike a conversation with. He loves working with people, making new friends, and traveling around the world. He currently works for Delta Airlines and dreams of pursuing a career as a commercial pilot. He is currently taking flying lessons at Barber's Point Flight School, located at Kalaeloa Airfield, and currently films footage on one of the only experimental planes in Hawaii, the RLU-1 BREEZY called the "ANGRY BIRD". When he's not flying for work, recreation, or helping Wayde survey the ridge trails from above, he can be found deep in the island mountains of Oahu. As a Veteran Hiker, DC gathered unequivocal knowledge of the `aina and enjoys sharing about the people and cultural history that represents the very nature of Hawaii. DC has documented the majority of his island adventures, being one of the first pioneers to use the GoPro Hero HD to record places never seen before on film. DC became a part of Wayde's World Hawaii through personal documentation of his seemingly never ending miles of Hawaiian trails. Wayde and Dave share the same love for the `aina and the culture which have brought them closer as friends over the years. DC will always be an explorer who journeys by land, sea, and air to reach the untapped beauty of such remote destinations.


AGNES BRYANT, known to all as "ANGEL" after her miraculous Hiking fall and survival, is Wayde’s Roper. If ropes are necessary for his crew and his guests’ safety, Angel gets them up, down, and tight. Angel was born in Concepcion, Tarlac, located in the central Philippine islands. Angel is a vivacious and fun-loving woman that takes great joy in new things. Her family loyalty and love for adventure brought her to Dubai to work for 4 years in order to support her family before returning to Tarlac to reunite with them. In the summer of 2009, she met her husband and together they moved to Hawaii. It didn’t take long before she began working at the Honolulu Elks Club as the assistant sous chef and quickly excelled with her culinary skills.  Angel has grown to love the beauty and nature of this island paradise and fell in love with not only the mountain trails, but the ocean where she was introduced to the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, the Honu. This is where Wayde and Angel first met and now share their passion of teaching others about the protection of endangered species such as the Honu. Even after surviving her 350 foot fall while Hiking, Angel still maintains her love and respect for the vast beauty of these islands. While she may be a little more cautious, she intends to continually push herself to explore more of her island home.


MICHEL LOFTIN, goes simply by "LOFTIN" and is the Poor Man Crew’s Hiking Leader. He was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and after graduating from Randolph-Macon College, spent 2 years abroad in the Peace Corps. During his time in Jamaica, Loftin grew fond of the tropics. When he got back to the States, he decided to take a one-way ticket to a warmer locale, Hawaii and ended up working in the dive industry. Now with diving as a hobby, Loftin currently works as Executive Director of Wayde's noprofit 808 CLEANUPS. He stays true to his relaxed and sometimes shy nature however Loftin is well known for springing the element of surprise on friends with his uncanny satirical jokes and goofy personality. He enjoys outdoor activities, fitness, helping people, and planning social events. Loftin and Wayde met through hiking friends associated with coordinating SPCA hikes to find homes for sheltered dogs. They have enjoyed many activities and events together and have even created the largest volunteer Nonprofit Organization in Hawaii called 808 Cleanups.  Loftin’s leadership qualities, management skills, and the right attitude was only fitting for his key role in the Poor Man Crew.


MICHELLE KIM, known to all as ​​"MK"​, is originally from South Korea. MK came to Hawaii with family when she was 11 years old because her father was in the Air Force. She just received her bachelor degree in Accounting and Management and will be starting her Masters soon. This gal exudes passion and adventure especially when it comes to hiking and diving. MK loves introducing others to these amazing hobbies and even coordinates her own Diving Team, "The Kraken Divers" with her role as Divemaster​. MK loves hitting the outdoors with Wayde and assists him in his volunteer Snorkeling Adventures along with EVE. MK loves being here in Hawaii because it allows her to dive and hike all year round as well as join Wayde as a Guide when needed. Her dream job would be to travel around the world hiking and diving all the amazing landscapes there is to offer. MK met Wayde when he conducted one of his "Hikes for Homes" event with The OAHU SPCA to raise awareness on the homelessness of dogs in Hawaii. She immediately became a large supporter of his causes and shares it with others. Michelle has a love for life and will always live it to the fullest! Tell MK she can’t do something and she will relish proving you wrong!


RODRIGO COVARRUBIAS , known to all as ​“ROD”, ​is Wayde's Activities Specialist who creates and maps out specialized River Kayaking to Mountain Biking  adventures on the North Shore for Wayde. ROD was born and raised in Mexico City and after graduating from high school, moved to France to explore new horizons. He later attended BYU-Hawaii and graduated with a degree in Communications. He then settled in Texas and eventually discovered Wayde’s World Hawaii YOUTUBE videos. Given his circumstances, he was inspired by Wayde to move back to Hawaii. Once ROD got in touch with Wayde, they became best friends and have remained so since. Rod’s priorities, philosophies and lifestyle changed significantly. His new life in Hawaii has been a blessing, meeting the most wonderful people and making so many new friends. He loves living on the North Shore, being a dad, and helping others. ROD’s wide range of hobbies allows him to assist Wayde with custom tours across Oahu and the other islands. 

Rodrigo Covarrubias


His name is JAMES BECKWITH, but everyone knows him as "BECKS"... He's not one for words but has a memorable and infectious laugh. BECKS is the Rock Climber and Underwater Specialist of the Group and one of Wayde's Photographers for Wayde's community and volunteer based hikes. BECKS was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He's a hiking scrambler, rock climber, photographer and diver and is also a member of the Diving Team, "The Kraken Divers" along with MK and EVE. BECKS is currently stationed here as a sailor in the World’s finest Navy. His dreams and goals in life are to photograph Tiger sharks in the Bahamas, Great White sharks of the Guadalupe Islands, and run a dive charter here in Hawaii. Wayde and BECKS originally met when they did a co-op hike with the Waterfall Hunter, The Red Baron. During their hike they ran into a banana patch. Wayde and BECKS wanted the bananas so badly they tore the banana tree out of the ground to get them...

Who is Wayde's World Hawaii & what does it represent?

Wayde's World Hawaii is a VERY PRIVATE and MEMBERS ONLY based ONLINE COMMUNITY...We consider those who have "JOINED DA OHANA" a part of our personal family here in Hawaii, may you be Kama'aina or a Visitor...This is the ALOHA WAY...this is the SPIRIT of HAWAII. We have specializes in private travelers on a budget who are looking to find information on Hawaii as well as see the true Hawaii down the road less traveled since 2009. As your PERSONAL ONLINE VIDEO TRAVEL GUIDE, before you reach Hawaii, Wayde will explore places off the beaten path few travelers ever see before you ever step foot on the islands though his Youtube Video Library.  If you choose to Go Wayde's Way and explore paradise with us once you reach the islands, Wayde and his Poor Man Crew, in a laid back, no rush, safe and fun environment will take you to places you couldn't imagine without ever disclosing your privacy. On a BUDGET the Poor Man Crew knows what it takes to plan a Hawaiian Vacation and we want your day with us or our Online Guided Video Directory to be one of the greatest and most helpful parts of your vacation.   When Going "WAYDE'S WAY"​​ ​you will be rewarding with the most spiritual and exciting experiences you will find in Paradise.  NO ONE in the entire Hawaiian island chain does what Wayde does online and off...period!  Wayde and his Crew are all about Ohana and keeping groups HIGHLY private, personal and small...ranging in size from 2-4 people .  Wayde's Crew doesn’t work on time frames, there's nothing waiting in the wings...You have Waydes attention completely for the entire day...It's about going where you want to go, seeing what you want to see, allowing you to enjoy the Hawaiian lifestyle at your own pace, on your own time. Here at Wayde's World Hawaii it's never been about numbers, money or packing people in a bus or van like sardines, but it's always been a family affair that is personal, private and fun...That's what Ohana is all about.

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