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HAWAII NEI...Our Beloved Islands of Aloha...

Many requests have been coming in to do the COMPLETE "Poor Mans Guide to Hawaii" me, I have been writing it since 1995. 
Writing an E-Book had been a long process, but the filming of it started in 2007 at which time affordable HD Camcorders came to the market. In 2009 I started posting the VIDEOS I wrote about in my Book. Although I finished the GUIDE BOOK I never got to start filming the other islands. Considering the cost and time it would take to film them it's doubtful it will be something I can do anytime soon, so I have chosen to release a smaller version of the "Poor Mans Guide to Hawaii to all the islands"​ for the time being...I'm sure this fun and helpful Guide will help you in your vacation planning.

*Do You REALLY Know Hawaii?*

This is Hawaii Like You've Never Seen it Before!

Please take the time to LEARN about Hawaii before you come here and watch this AMAZING 30 Minute Documentary about Hawaii...Hawaii is the 50th state of United States comprising an archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands became a state in 1959. The Hawaiian Islands include eight major islands including Nihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lānai, Kahoolawe, Maui and the Island of Hawaii and 100's of islets. 

This is the EASIEST "POOR MANS GUIDE TO HAWAII" you will see...All you do is go through the slide show for each island. You will see names and descriptions of my FAVORITE SPOTS.  If you want more info CLICK ON EACH IMAGE.


LET ME BE VERY,VERY CLEAR...​MAUI, KAUAI & THE BIG ISLAND are no OAHU!  Although the islands of Hawaii are some of the most beautiful places on Gods Earth, these islands have MANY DANGERS ...You MUST use CAUTION when exploring these other islands, I can only GUIDE YOU toward these locations, I can not protect you or research these location in detail for you...that's  your responsibility, this is ​FREE​​​​​​​​​​ INFO don't forget.  Be aware that weather plays a HUGE role on where and when you can visit some of these locations I have posted below. Places that are calm and beautiful in summer may be dangerous and treacherous in winter.    Research, Common sense and Knowledge of your surroundings is your biggest  assets against harm, danger and DEATH. SAFETY is always TOP PRIORITY

NOTE: I suggest you rent a JEEP UNLIMITED 4-DOOR, ONLY while in Hawaii if your intent is to be adventurous. This ensures you can take it anywhere off road with a full spare, but make sure you have the BIGGER P255/75R17 BSW Off-Road Tires....NOT the P225's, TRUST ME!!! You DON'T want to get stuck or lost somewhere on the other islands...Remember, 1 MILLION PEOPLE live on OAHU,  the other islands COMBINED make up for 400,000 so you won't see too many people around to help

MAUI ( The Valley Isle )​                30 THINGS TO DO BELOW:

MAUI ( The Valley Isle )

Maui is my favorite island for lovers and it just happens to be pretty expensive over there...Not so much a place for a Poor Man, but if you are on your Honeymoon this is the "Island of Love" as far as I'm concerned and is an essential part of a love birds vacation. The adventures are endless here from scenic coastal drives past waterfalls to sunrises above the clouds on volcanic mountain tops.


KAUAI ( The Garden Isle )

Kauai is an outdoorsman's playground. If you seek the best Hiking, the best outdoor activities and best camping around, Kauai is for you! If your intentions are to come here and just drink Mai Tais on the beach...Forget it! You come here to seek adventure, to test your skills from fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, scuba diving, ziplining and everything else under the sun.


KAUAI ( The Garden Isle )​             30 THINGS TO DO BELOW:

HAWAII ( The Big Island )​            30 THINGS TO DO BELOW:

HAWAII ( The Big Island )

The Big Island, so big it's actually still affordable to buy land and build a home and it's still growing. This is OLD HAWAII, this is the best that country living has to offer, but be warned...because this island is SO BIG you may find yourself driving more than enjoying it, so PLAN OUT YOUR Big Island trip!



I have given you 90 activities across three islands...MANY of which are FREE!...Beaches, hikes, scenic sights, historical places and fun activities that will give you the best overall view of the islands...Some are VERY safe, some are VERY dangerous...I don't know your abilities like you do, so I wrote everything geared toward the average viewer of my videos, between the ages of 25-45 years old, if you are able to do most of the things I have posted, great...if not, that's ok...Don't do something you feel uncomfortable doing and just remember...You can always turn around and go back the way you came.  I know if you do many of the things I posted you will have the most amazing time, I should know, I've done them and I wouldn't post them if they sucked. There are many things I chose not to post that are in my FULL GUIDE, but these are some of the best you'll enjoy doing on vacation.

Now that the hardest part has been done for you it's time to do YOUR RESEARCH on the spots you have chosen to visit. When visiting these outer islands you should always be well prepared for anything. Bring your Hiking gear, bring your snorkeling gear, bring your beach gear so that you can get out of your JEEP and go at anytime to do anything! Bringing plenty of WATER, FOOD, SUNSCREEN and other common sense necessities are essential when visiting these islands....people will be few and far between. Also don't forget to NEVER leave anything of value in your vehicle or Jeep at anytime when you leave it.​

Remember, you are adults, capable of making your own choices, I am only an ON-LINE GUIDE...It's your responsibility to stay safe, be smart, work within your limits and use common sense out there... Too many have died in PARADISE...don't be one of them!  

Mahalo Nui loa ~ Wayde


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