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You're on Oahu for 7 DAYS and have nothing planned? Don't worry, it's taken care of!​

Welcome to the “Wayde’s World Hawaii” Oahu Itinerary! There are 7 days plus a few bonus ideas of activities and places to eat. The days are structured so that all the activities are in the same general area for that day. This ensures that you won’t spend time driving around needlessly on your vacation.

*Please use this itinerary as a guide only, don’t rely on it completely. It is very important that you take the time to do your own research and inform yourself about these islands. It’s of the utmost importance to understand that these island are not like the mainland and although they are a paradise for most of us there are many dangers to consider when planning to explore these islands the way they deserve to be. When visiting an unfamiliar place be aware of the geography, the water conditions, the wildlife, the local culture and the weather during the time of year you visit and the proper hiking gear to use when hiking here. Above all else SAFETY and KNOWLEDGE is key and as long as you know and understand this your vacation will be amazing!


Don't worry Folks...AOKI's WILL REOPEN in HALEIWA!

Aoki’s Shave Ice was opened in 1981 by Sumie and Michael Aoki (mother and son) and is currently run by Michael and his daughter Cathy Aoki. Landlord Kamehameha Schools notified Aoki's in February that its lease at the current location would  be ending...

As of Aug 27th, 2013 as part of a redevelopment plan Aoki's Historical Building has been closed and demolished by Kam Schools...Aoki's hopes to reopen in a year across the street in Haleiwa in 2014.


On Day 1 we are hitting up the EAST SIDE with a  BEAUTIFUL HIKE, BEACH and KAYAKING to TWIN ISLANDS

We will be hitting the KAILUA & LANIKAI area with our first stop being BOOT'S 'N KIMO'S for BREAKFAST in the morning around 7:00am then we will be heading over to KALAPAWAI CAFE & DELI to grab some sandwiches and drinks "to go" for our LUNCH later. Next we head to the LANIKAI PILLBOX HIKING TRAIL for a 2 hour total hiking time. After our Hike we are heading to KAILUA SAILBOARDS & KAYAKS, INC. ​to rent a Kayak(s) for our journey to the MOKES! After a great day and picnic out on the island we head back to the Hotel to shower, wash up, nap then head out for DINNER on Waikiki beach at LULU'S WAIKIKI, HULA GRILL or ROY'S.


The Lanikai Pillbox Trail is one of the most beautiful and best bang for your buck trails on Ohau. It's relatively short, easy and fun.


From the Pillbox Trail you'll be looking down upon your next stop, Lanikai Beach. The most beautiful Beach on Oahu.


Leaving Lanikai Beach and Kayaking out to the Mokes will be one of the HIGHLIGHTS of your Vacation!

DAY 2 ITINERARY:  ( Summer Months Only )

On Day 2 we are hitting up the NORTH SHORE with a BEAUTIFUL DAY in the ocean SNORKELING

We will be hitting the NORTH SHORE area with our first stop being CAFE HALEIWA for BREAKFAST in the morning around 8:00am. Next we will be heading over to WAIMEA BAY for our first snorkeling stop, it's best to remember you will snorkel to the LEFT of the JUMP ROCK. Next we head to SHARKS COVE to snorkel, you can chose to swim in or outside the cove to the RIGHT.  Our next stop is LUNCH at  SHARKS COVE GRILL TRUCK across the street. ​Our last stop is LANIAKEA BEACH ( Turtle Beach ) to complete our day of sun, fun and snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles . To end the day we head to Haleiwa Town for DINNER at BANZAI SUSHI or HALEIWA JOES.


Waimea Bay may be dangerous in the winter months, but in summer it's as smooth as a Baby's bottom, perfect for Jumping off the rock and snorkeling.


Sharks Cove is one of, if not the best Snorkeling spots on the North Shore and allows snorkeling inside or outside the cove on the right hand side.


Well known as Turtle Beach, Laniakea is home to many HONU, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, that bask in the sun and swim just off shore to eat the algae.

DAY 3 ITINERARY:  ( Winter Months Only )

On an ALTERNATIVE Day 3 we hit up the NORTH SHORE again to see HUMPBACK WHALES and BIG SURF

We will be hitting the NORTH SHORE area with our first stop being the COFFEE GALLERY for BREAKFAST in the morning around 8:00am. Next we head out to sea to go WHALE WATCHING on the HO'O NANEA with Capt. Don Germain, give him a call and tell him Wayde sent you: 808-351-9371. Next​ we will be heading over to WAIMEA BAY for the BIG SURF! Our next stop is LUNCH at SHARKS COVE GRILL TRUCK. Next we head to The BANZAI PIPELINE for the BEST SURFING in HAWAII! ​Our last stop is SUNSET BEACH to complete our day of sun, fun, surf and Whale Watching . To end the day we head to Haleiwa Town for DINNER at BANZAI SUSHI, HALEIWA JOE'S or JAMESON'S BY THE SEA


Here we head out on my friend boat to find the Humpback Whales off shore. Whale Watching on the Ho'o Nanea Catamaran is far superior to boating on a smaller boat like my friend and I did.


Next we stop at WAIMEA BAY for the big surf, but after we hit up the best place for killer surf at the most famous spot on Oahu, The Banzai Pipeline! Parking may be hard if it's a great surf day so you may need to steet park.


There is no better way to end your day on the North Shore, but to see a beautiful Sunset from SUNSET BEACH before you head into Haleiwa Town for Dinner.



We will be hitting the SOUTH SHORE area with our first stop being your hike up the DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENT so eat some carbs for BREAKFAST in the morning before heading out and pack a few snacks for your day. Start your Hike by 7:00am on the trailhead. After out Hike we are going to grab an ACAI MANA BOWLS at the DIAMOND HEAD COVE HEALTH BAR, which should hold you off till an early dinner. Next​ we will be heading up into Manoa Valley to LYONS ARBORETUM for a beautiful Hike/Walk through an amazing botanical garden. (eat a snack) Our last stop of the day is Hiking to up MANOA FALLS (best visited between Nov-April).  To end the day we head to either PHUKET THAI, LA MARIANA SAILING CLUB ( last of the great TIKI BARS ) or THE CHART HOUSE bar side ) for DINNER.


We leave for Diamond Head in the early AM for a reason. Not only does it get packed with visitors, but it gets pretty hot because there is no shade in this dry hot crater. The views are pretty awesome as you look down upon Waikiki.


Lyons is one of the most tropical Botanical

Rainforest Gardens on Oahu and is teaming with life from beautiful flowers to fruit trees you can eat from to Exotic Parrots that fly freely above you!


Manoa Falls is Oahu's most visited Waterfall Hike and the easiest. You will pass through many micro climates, banyan trees and bamboo forests as you make your way to the watefall that awaits you.


On Day 5 we hit the EAST SIDE for a day of fun and sun SNORKELING & SUNBATHING

We will be hitting the EAST SIDE area with our first stop being the FAMOUS Nature Preserve HANAUMA BAY so eat some carbs for BREAKFAST in the morning before heading out. Get to Hanauma by 7:00am. After you have your fill of Snorkeling and want LUNCH you are hitting up the NEW CRAZE...MOENA CAFE, for some killer delights right across the street at Koko Marina! Our next stop is a LOCAL GEM and very few to no vacationers know much about KAIONA BEACH PARK. Not only are there Lagoons here, but right off shore are HONU Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles you can snorkel with. Once getting done with the sun and fun at Kaiona we are heading down the street to one of my Favorite beaches, WAIMANALO BEACH to sunbathe To end the day we head to THE KONA BREWING COMPANY  for some killer BREWS and DINNER.


Here we head to a nature preserve and the center of an extinct volcano to snorkel within Coral Lava Flows. You will come across endless fish and even Honu, Hawaiian Sea Turtles. 

KAIONA BEACH (Honu Heaven)

Kaiona is not only one of the most beautiful beaches and fish pond Lagoon areas on Oahu it's also well known for it's abundence of Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. 


Waimanalo Beach Park is one of favorite beaches to visit on the east side as it never has too many people on it and the water and waves are always perfect.


On Day 6 we hit the SOUTH & EAST SIDE of the KO'OLAUS with a great day of HIKING & WATERFALLS

We will be heading to the SOUTH & EAST SIDE area. Our first stop will be an EARLY BREAKFAST at​ MAC 24/7 so hit this place at 6:00am, you have a full day ahead! Make sure you pack yourselves some sandwiches, drinks and snacks, you'll be in the JUNGLE for the day so you'll be having lunch at your leisure! Our first stop is a beautiful hike to LULUMAHU FALLS.  Our next stop down the street is  JUDD TRAIL & JACKASS GINGER POOL,  which will take you through pine and bamboo forests on your way to a pool and waterfall, you may want lunch at trails end.  Your last stop is the longest Hike of the day as you head up to the PALI Lookout on THE OLD PALI ROAD to LIKEKE FALLS​. The long journey back will prepare you for DINNER at either DUKE'S WAIKIKI, DORAKU SUSHI, HULA GRILL or FORMAGGIO Wine Bar.


Lulumahu Falls is a beautiful hike, but do a little research as I have seen people get lost here...Do this hike first in your day and do it early because it's becoming busy with Tourists as an ALTERNATIVE to Manoa Falls. *NOTE: This video stops at SEVERAL other locations...but if you don't know the area DON'T attempt to fine them as they are SACRED and on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Mahalo~


Here Judd Trail is one of my favorite Hikes for it's micro climates, Pine and Bamboo forests and the fact that around 20 episodes of LOST was filmed here including the final episode. At trails end a Jackass Ginger swimming pool and waterfall.


The Old Pali road start at the Nu'uanu Pali lookout and follows down the old Highway until you need to cross under the new Highway and make your way to the beautiful Likeke Falls. This is a long, yet easy hike in the rainforest.



We stay on the SOUTH SHORE today. Our first stop will be an EARLY BREAKFAST at theWAILANA COFFEE HOUSE so hit this place at 6:00am. Our first stop will be PEARL HARBOR and the ARIZONA MEMORIAL...If you don't get Tickets online you better be at the front GATE between 7:00am-7:30am or you can forget visiting here. Next Door is ALOHA STADIUM so we will be hitting up THE ALOHA STADIUM SWAP MEET so you can do all your ALOHA SHOPPING for yourself and family back home on the cheap. Our last stop will be PUNCHBOWL MEMORIAL, which sits within a Volcanic Crater. We can end this day with DINNER at either THE YARD HOUSE, GIOVANNI PASTRAMI or GORDON BIERSCH and if up for it you can kick it at the MAI TAI BAR on WAIKIKI BEACH at the ROYAL HAWAIIAN for the evening after dinner.


I don't need to explain Pearl Harbor to anyone or the Arizona Memorial, but those are not the only things to do here as there are many exhibits to experience, including the USS Bowfin and USS Missouri.


This place is catching on! Before this place was mainly known to the locals, but today vacationers are hoarding this place as they are starting to realize the best deals to be had are here at the Aloha Swap meet.


Punchbowl Memorial is the resting place for many who have sacrificed for our country. This is also a place with an endless list of those who have lost their lives, but their bodies have never been found.


I am putting together 3 fun RIDGE HIKES and 3 WATERFALL HIKES you can do if you have FREE TIME

All 3 MOUNTAIN RIDGE HIKES...WILIWILINUI, KULIOUOU and KAMILOIKI are on the EAST SIDE, close to the Hawaii Kai area and are some of the funnest, most amazing, yet SAFE Ridge Hikes to do in Hawaii allowing you to truly enjoy the beautiful outdoors without endangering your life. Now, to people like myself and my Hiking crew these hikes are considered Beginner & intermediate, but to those who don't hike often they may seem more difficult to you...SO DO YOUR RESEARCH and STAY SAFE at all times!

ALL 3 WATERFALL HIKES are relatively EASY with WAIMANO FALLS being the most difficult of the 3, mainly because of the length and decline and incline involved in reaching and exiting these falls, but to the average hiker this hike is considered intermediate. HAMAMA and MAUNAWILI FALLS are relatively easy short Hikes and considered Beginner.

​WILIWILINUI RIDGE~                          KULIOUOU RIDGE~                               KAMILOIKI RIDGE~

​WAIMANO FALLS~                                HAMAMA FALLS~                                 MAUNAWILI FALLS~

*REMEMBER: If you want ADDITIONAL INFORMATION please READ the descriptions of the VIDEOS on YOUTUBE!

Be aware we have 100 Videos on Youtube on the island of Oahu so go and explore many other locations of interest.

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